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1981). Numerical optimization of computer models, Chichester: Wiley & Sons. Shah-Hosseini, H. (2006). The time adaptive self-organizing map is a neural network based on Artificial Immune System. In Proc. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Vancouver, Canada, July 2006, pp. 1007-1014. Shah-Hosseini, H. (2007). Problem Solving by Intelligent Water Drops. 2007 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2007), pp. 3226-3231. Solis, F. J. and Wets, R. J-B. (1981), Minimization by random search techniques, Mathematics of Operations Research, 6: 19–30.

In other word, if the current best point is not improved for certain number of iterations, the algorithm may be stopped. , 2006). In this study, a hybrid algorithm based on EM and K-OPT is introduced. They used a revised EM-like algorithm which proposed by (Birbil & Fang, 2005). In this version of EM, a parameter v belong to (0, 1) is introduced. The perturbed point xp is selected as the farthest point from the current best point, xbest, in the current population. The calculation of the total force vector remains the same for all points except xp.

The initial feasible solutions of TSP are generated in the way from Ref [49]. What’s more, no local search strategy is used in experiment. The experiments are conducted on two set of TSP problems. In the first set of 10 TSP, the distances between cities are measured by integers and in the left 10 TSP, and the distances are measured by real values. html. The detail of the experiment result is given at table 1, table 2 and table 3. 7 4 Table 1. 9 14,5 Table 2. 27 Table 3. Comparison of standard deviations of the tour lengths obtained by AWACS and ACS As shown in the above tables, there might be something like precision and time cost in the result of our experiments different from those in the former research because of the different program tools, systems and computing machines.

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