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By Burton Watson

Given that its visual appeal in China within the 3rd century, The Lotus Sutra has been considered as the most illustrious scriptures within the Mahayana Buddhist canon. the item of severe veneration between generations of Buddhists in China, Korea, Japan, and different components of the area, it has had a profound impression at the nice works of jap and chinese language literature, attracting extra remark than the other Buddhist scripture.

As Watson notes within the advent to his amazing translation, " The Lotus Sutra isn't lots an critical paintings as a suite of spiritual texts, an anthology of sermons, tales, and devotional manuals, a few conversing with specific strength to folks of 1 variety or in a single set of conditions, a few to these of one other variety or in different conditions. this is often without doubt why it has had such large and lasting attraction over the a while and has permeated so deeply into the cultures which have been uncovered to it."

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I know that such living beings have never in the past cultivated good roots but have stubbornly clung to the five desires, and their folly and craving have given rise to affliction. Their desires are the cause whereby they fall into the three evil paths, revolving wheel-like through the six realms of existence and undergoing eery sort of suffering and pain. Having received a tiny form in the womb, in existence after existence they constantly grow to maturity. Persons of meager virtue and small merit, they are troubled and beset by manifold sufferings.

All phenomena from the very first have of themselves constantly borne the marks of tranquil extinction. Once the sons of the Buddha have carried out this path, then in a future existence they will be able to become Buddhas. I have employed the power of expedient means to unfold and demonstrate this doctrine of three vehicles, but the World-Honored Ones, every one of them, all preach the single vehicle way. htm (47 of 352) [4/5/2002 10:04:27 AM] The Lotus Sutra I must clear away all doubts and perplexities.

Shariputra, you and the others should with a single mind believe and accept the words of the Buddha. The words of the Buddhas, the Thus Come Ones, are not empty or false. There is no other vehicle, there is only the one Buddha vehicle. "At that time the World-Honored One, wishing to state his meaning once more, spoke in verse form, saying: There are monks and nuns who behave with overbearing arrogance, laymen full of self-esteem, laywomen who are lacking in faith. Among the four kinds of believers, the likes of these number five thousand.

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