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By Herbert Read

"[B]eautifully written....a triumph of smooth and suggestive mystification."—The big apple TimesFirst released in 1935, the golf green baby is Herbert Read's basically novel. but when he had written not anything else, this one encouraged ebook may insure his repute. it's a Utopian novel, a special mixture of fact and delusion which strikes from the English nation-state to the South American pampas after which to a mysterious and everlasting underground of caves. In style the golf green baby is likely to be closest to the French conte philosophique, but the note "philosophical" indicates the abstruse, while it is a very relocating and intriguing tale, alive with the poetry of dwelling, and, whilst, with an odd form of other-worldly suspense. In his advent Kenneth Rexroth speaks of the book's "unearthly, hypnotic radiance," and Graham Greene has stated of it: "here learn conveys the non-public feel of glory, a similar experience of glory that impelled Christian writers to photograph town of God." T. S. Eliot as soon as instructed the writer that he thought of the golf green baby to be one of many most interesting examples of English prose type of the century.

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