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By Deanna Dwyer (pseudonym of Dean Koontz)

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Gwyn, I am your sister. ". Gwyn said nothing. “I came from the other side, through all that long darkness, to be with you again. ” Gwyn had begun to cry. The tears welled up in her eyes, hung in the corners until they became too heavy to stay there any longer, burst out through her tightly closed lashes and ran down her cheeks, warm and swift and salty, catching in the down-turned corners of her mouth, then trickling on down her chin. She wanted to stop crying, felt that it was desperately important for her to stop crying and get herself together again—but she simply could not.

It would mean postponing the Page 48 development of the new rela-tionship between her and Uncle Will . . And, in the final analysis, it was just this which kept her from proceeding as she should have. Now, more than anything else, her newfound family life was what counted. If she lost that, allowed it to be tainted by this new sickness, she knew that she would never have the spirit to fully recover her senses. If she left Barnaby Manor now, she would be leaving, also, all hope for a brighter future.

He had departed, this afternoon, with such a cold, abrupt attitude . . He had made her feel guilty. Now, she would enjoy let-ting him know that she had found out exactly who the real villains were in this affair. On the stairs, when she was on her way to her room, she met Ben Groves coming the opposite direction. “It looks great,” he said. ” She looked at her bare arms and smiled. “I'd al-most forgotten it. Yes, it's rather good, but just a start. I want to be as dark as everyone else around here, before the summer's over.

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