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It doesn't matter what DBMS you're using—Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL—misunderstandings can regularly come up over the perfect meanings of phrases, misunderstandings which could have a major impact at the good fortune of your database tasks. for instance, listed below are a few universal database phrases: characteristic, BCNF, consistency, denormalization, predicate, repeating team, sign up for dependency.

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Protection Record Attribute: WARNING-MODE The addition of the new Protection Record WARNING-MODE attribute makes it possible to put individual Object Protection Records into Warning Mode without having to undertake the risk of putting the entire node into Warning Mode. 25) DEVICE SUBDEVICE PROCESS SUBPROCESS The values are: If WARNING-MODE is ON, Warning Mode is enabled. If WARNING-MODE is OFF, Warning Mode is disabled. The default value is OFF. 24 25 If WARNING-MODE is ON, the Object Protection Record is not enforced.

It will either GRANT all accesses to the objects protected by the Protection Record or use the Guardian file security string. Please refer to the previous book, for more information. 24 the only option for granting access from remote nodes in an ACL was all nodes (\*) or local access only. 24 of the HP NonStop Server operating system, remote access has been enhanced. Now actual node names may be specified (\NODE1) for userids within Protection Record ACLs. New: Global parameter: Global Parameter: ALLOW-NODE-ID-ACL ALLOW-NODE-ID-ACL The addition of the new global ALLOW N O D E ID ACL parameter allows specific node names to be used in object Protection Record ACLs.

F I L E O N E This pattern would be rejected because there are no wildcards in either the subvolume or filename portions of the pattern. R/SK Locating all pattern records in an environment can be difficult because the INFO command will, by default, find only exact matches to the pattern queried. The new modifier for the INFO command, ALL, will find all patterns that match the wildcard, regardless of how the PATTERN itself was wildcarded. Examp le: Using the SAFECOM INFO command to locate DISKFILE-PATTERNs.

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