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V a n Douwen, On countably compact extensions of normal locally compact M-spaces, S e t T h e o r e t i c Topology, Academic P r e s s , 1977, 81-89. [BM] D D . B u r k e a n d E . M i c h a e l , A note on a theorem b y V . V . Filippov, I s r a e l J . M a t h . , 11 ( 1 9 7 2 ) , 3 9 4 - 3 9 7 . [Ce] J J . C e d e r , Some generalizations of metric spaces, P a c . J . M a t h . 11 ( 1 9 6 1 ) , 1 0 5 - 1 2 6 . [CCN] J J . M. M. E o b a n a n d K . N a g a s i , On monotonic generalizations of Moore spaces, Cech complete spaces, and p-spaces, F u n d .

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