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By Norbert Debes

Secrets and techniques of the Oracle Database is the definitive consultant to undocumented and partially-documented gains of the Oracle Database server. overlaying necessary yet little-known beneficial properties from Oracle Database nine via Oracle Database eleven, this e-book will enhance your potency as an Oracle database administrator or developer. Norbert Debes shines the sunshine of day on positive factors that assist you grasp tougher administrative, tuning, and troubleshooting projects than you ever idea possible.

Finally, in a single position, you may have at your fingertips wisdom that in the past needed to be received via years of expertise and note of mouth via figuring out the precise humans. What Norbert writes is exact, well-tested, well-illustrated by way of transparent examples, and certain to enhance your skill to make an influence in your daily paintings with Oracle.

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It doesn't matter what DBMS you're using—Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL—misunderstandings can regularly come up over the proper meanings of phrases, misunderstandings which could have a major impact at the luck of your database tasks. for instance, listed below are a few universal database phrases: characteristic, BCNF, consistency, denormalization, predicate, repeating workforce, subscribe to dependency.

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3. Only certain combinations of facility and level are acceptable. Unacceptable combinations cause the error “ORA- 32028: Syslog facility or level not recognized” and prevent DBMS instances from starting. AUD$. However, such a limitation does not exist. fm Page 6 Tuesday, April 28, 2009 9:28 AM 6 CHAPTER 1 ■ PARTIALLY DOCUMENTED PARAMETERS Using AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL As stated earlier, the string assigned to AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL must consist of a facility name and a priority or level. notice Auditing Non-Privileged Users Of course, you may also direct audit records pertaining to non-privileged users to the system log by setting AUDIT_TRAIL=OS in addition to AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL.

In situations where it’s appropriate for an ORACLE database administrator to see past the end of his or her nose, I include background information on operating systems, networking, and programming. I have also devoted some sections to operating system tools that are useful for troubleshooting or investigation. I hope you will agree that this leads to a broader understanding of the features discussed than could be attained by exclusively focusing on ORACLE DBMS software and leaving interactions with the operating system on which it runs aside.

Now back to the original DOP of four—a reduction of _SMM_PX_MAX_SIZE below the data volume divided by DOP also results in spilling to disk. Following are the results at DOP four with these settings: pga_aggregate_target=160m _smm_px_max_size=122880 # in KB _smm_max_size=40960 # in KB This time, _SMM_PX_MAX_SIZE is the limiting factor. 2 30 1 31 All slaves spilled their work areas to disk, since work areas were limited to 120 MB/DOP=40 MB and the query completed in 22 s. Lessons Learned When using automatic PGA memory management, three hidden parameters—_PGA_MAX_SIZE, _SMM_MAX_SIZE, and _SMM_PX_MAX_SIZE—work behind the scenes to enforce restrictions on memory consumption.

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