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By Simon Riggs, Hannu Krosing

Written within the cookbook variety, this e-book bargains studying and strategies via recipes. It comprises step by step directions for directors and builders to control databases on PostgreSQL. The ebook is designed in one of these method so that you can learn it bankruptcy by way of bankruptcy or consult with recipes in no specific order. This publication is for Sysadmins, Database directors, Architects, builders, and an individual with an curiosity in making plans for or working stay construction databases. This ebook is such a lot suited for those that have a few technical adventure.

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If you experience problems, then you'll need to double-check which version of the server you have. This will help you report a fault or to consult the correct version of the manual. How to do it... 3, 64-bit That's probably too much information all at once! How it works... Minor release level. 3. There is also a separate version of the manual, so if something doesn't work exactly the way you think it should, you must consult the correct version of the manual. Maintenance software releases are identified by the full three-part numbering scheme.

Or: How long is it since the server started? How to do it... Issue the following SQL from any interface: postgres=# SELECT date_trunc('second', current_timestamp - pg_postmaster_start_time()) as uptime; uptime ────────── 00:38:15 33 Exploring the Database How it works... column? 22868 and then do some formatting, such as: postgres=# SELECT date_trunc('second', current_timestamp - pg_postmaster_start_time()) as uptime; uptime ────────── 00:38:15 See Also This is just simple stuff. Further monitoring and statistics are covered in later chapters.

You can then set the environment variable PGSYSCONFDIR to that directory location. Now, you can then specify a connection string like the following: service=dbservice1 user=sriggs The service can also be set using an environment variable named PGSERVICE. How it works... This applies to libpq connections only, so does not apply to JDBC. The connection service file can also be used to specify the user, though that would mean that the username would be shared. pgpass can work together, or you can use just onr or the other, as you choose.

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