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By Chang S., Jaeckel C.

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It doesn't matter what DBMS you're using—Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL—misunderstandings can continually come up over the proper meanings of phrases, misunderstandings that could have a significant influence at the good fortune of your database initiatives. for instance, listed here are a few universal database phrases: characteristic, BCNF, consistency, denormalization, predicate, repeating workforce, sign up for dependency.

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1 Input : Query q, range r, weight-age constant α, integer k, Output: Result set R Traverse Facility R-Tree ; // Using branch and bound method foreach place p in r in Facility R-Tree do compute Score(p); insert p in corresponding cell’s places set; update the distance of corresponding cell; update Scorek ; end Traverse FCR-Tree of q ; // Using branch and bound method foreach cell gc do compute overlapCcount(gc ) and Score(gc ); end foreach cell gc do if Scoregc ≤ Scorek then return Result set R; end foreach place p in cell gc do compute check-in count of p ← Vcell ∩ Vp ; update Score(p) and Scorek ; end end return Result set R Experiments Experimental Setup To the best of our knowledge, there is no prior algorithm to solve Tk F P queries therefore, we compare the three proposed algorithms with each other to evaluate their performance.

Top-k Query example which can be very large in terms of social networks thus, making query processing more cumbersome. Huang et al. [12] studied a Geo-Social query that retrieves the set of nearby friends of a user that share common interests, without providing concrete query processing algorithms. In [6], they defined a new query namely, Geo-Social Circle of Friends to retrieve the group of friends in geo-social settings whose members are close to each other based on their geographical and social circumstances such as for group sports, social gathering and community services.

Note that Hybrid is up to four times better than Social-First and Spatial-First algorithms. 2661 CPU Cost (Sec) 200 7602 A. Sohail et al. 476 Fig. 5. Performance comparison on different number of friends # Queries (b) I/O cost Fig. 6. Effect of number of Queries Effect of Grid Size: In Fig. 7(a), we study the effect of the size of grid partitioning ranges from 2 − 64 on Hybrid algorithm. The size of grid affects the CPU cost since the size of a cell defines how many places will be processed/pruned at once.

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