Download e-book for iPad: Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Handbook (Osborne by Werner De Gruyter, Matthew Hart, Daniel Nguyen

By Werner De Gruyter, Matthew Hart, Daniel Nguyen

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It doesn't matter what DBMS you're using—Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL—misunderstandings can constantly come up over definitely the right meanings of phrases, misunderstandings which can have a significant impact at the luck of your database initiatives. for instance, listed below are a few universal database phrases: characteristic, BCNF, consistency, denormalization, predicate, repeating crew, subscribe to dependency.

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And it is true that there is a lot of information available. This is where this book can be a big help, to guide you through the initial installs, making available the things that you absolutely need, and giving suggestions on how to handle the continual stream of information. Administrator vs. User For any deployed application, an administrator maintains and monitors the application, while a user merely uses the product to do his or her daily work. And it’s the same for Grid Control, although people tend to make the mistake of making users administrators.

The Enterprise Administrators are a special breed of administrators, and have to be considered separately. They need to look at the infrastructure and all the managed targets on a different level: They don’t need all the details, but they need to be able to see all the servers and the managed targets, to be able to intervene in case of a problem. Chapter 6 of this book is dedicated to the maintenance aspect of Grid Control, and how to make the changes that have been made in an enterprise visible in Grid Control.

It is something that we generally attend to in between other tasks or whenever we manage to find the time. However, if you use that approach with Enterprise Class software, you would be laying the groundwork for failure in the future. You must not rollout a technical solution for your entire IT organization without a proper plan that has been adequately discussed by all those involved. Preparing for the Install Like all traditional clichés, this chapter is likely the most important one you will read throughout the entire book.

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