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This consultant contains the conceptual and task-oriented info you must practice backup and restoration strategies utilizing the restoration supervisor utility.Oracle9i restoration supervisor User's advisor is meant for database directors who practice the subsequent tasks:■ again up, fix, and recuperate Oracle databases■ practice upkeep on backups and copies of database filesTo use this rfile, you want to comprehend the following:■ Relational database recommendations and easy database management as defined in Oracle9i Database options and the Oracle9i Database Administrator's Guide■ easy backup and restoration thoughts and techniques as defined within the Oracle9i Backup and restoration Concepts■ The working method setting lower than that you are operating Oracle"

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See Also: Chapter 8, "Configuring the Recovery Manager Environment" for configuration procedures, and Oracle9i Recovery Manager Reference for CONFIGURE syntax. ■ Automatic Channel Configuration The CONFIGURE command stores a persistent set of channel settings. RMAN automatically allocates these channels when you execute commands such as BACKUP or COPY at the RMAN prompt, abolishing the necessity for manual channel allocation. Use the CONFIGURE command to define backup attributes such as parallelism, duplexing, and channel control options.

See Also: Oracle9i Recovery Manager Reference for REPORT syntax ■ CREATE CATALOG Command The CREATE CATALOG command creates the recovery catalog. /dbs/admin directory. See Also: Oracle9i Recovery Manager Reference for CREATE CATALOG syntax ■ UPGRADE CATALOG Command Previously it was necessary to run a SQL script to perform a recovery catalog upgrade. Now you can upgrade the catalog with the UPGRADE CATALOG command. See Also: Oracle9i Recovery Manager Reference for UPGRADE CATALOG syntax ■ DROP CATALOG Command The DROP CATALOG command removes the recovery catalog schema.

See Also: Chapter 12, "Duplicating a Database with Recovery Manager" ■ Disk Affinity in Oracle Real Application Clusters When backing up on multiple nodes of an Oracle Real Application Clusters configuration, it is possible that some disks have affinity to certain nodes in the cluster such that access to those disks is faster from those nodes than from other nodes in the cluster. RMAN recognizes node affinity, if it exists, and attempts to schedule datafile backups on channels allocated at nodes that have affinity to those files.

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