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By Higgins S.

This guide offers case experiences and functions that use Oracle 9i's XML-enabled database know-how. It describes other ways that XML information can bestored, controlled, queried, and exchanged within the database utilizing Oracle XML-enabled know-how.

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Oracle provides a Portal Developer's Kit (PDK) for developers to easily create portlets using PL/SQL, Java, HTML, or XML. See Also: Oracle9i Application Developer’s Guide - XML, "Using the PDK for Visualizing XML Data in Oracle Portal" for an introduction to Oracle Portal’s PDF and URL Services. Oracle Exchange The Oracle Exchange platform is based on Oracle9i. It offers all necessary business transactions to support an entire industry's or a company's supply chain. Oracle Exchange is based on Oracle's e-Business Suite, which supports a supply chain from the initial contact with the prospect, to manufacturing planning and execution, to post-sales ongoing service and support.

UriType is an object type and the others are subtypes of UriType. ■ ■ You can use HttpUriType to store URLs to external web pages or to files. It accesses these files using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). DBUriType can be used to store DBUri-REFs, which reference data inside the database. Since UriType is the super type, you can create columns of this type and store DBUriType or HttpUriType type instances in this column. Doing so lets you reference data stored inside or outside the database and access the data consistently.

Oracle XML Technology and Oracle XML-enabled tools, interfaces, and servers provide building blocks for most data and application integration challenges. Higher Performance Implications Not only are these building blocks available, but their use results in higher performance implementations for the following reasons: ■ ■ ■ Processing database data and XML together on the same server helps eliminate network traffic for data access. Exploiting the speed of the Oracle9i query engine and Oracle JVM, Oracle9i Application Server, or OIS further enhances data access speed.

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