Oracle 9iAS Portal Bible by Rick Greenwald, James Milbery PDF

By Rick Greenwald, James Milbery

This can be the entire connection with Oracle Portal -- the following iteration unencumber of Oracle WebDB, which gives a safe and achievable framework for offering entry to dispensed software program prone and knowledge assets.

Oracle9iAS Portal Bible exhibits you ways to take advantage of Oracle Portal to construct and installation company portals. Tthis ebook is for skilled Oracle clients, builders, and database directors searching for a extra effective capability for offering information to staff and buyers over a web based community. The ebook contains a whole and in-depth exploration of some of the parts of Oracle Portal and in addition indicates you ways to take advantage of the SiteBuilder section of Oracle Portal to create and deal with sites. You'l easy methods to create and installation portlets and know the way to take advantage of the portlet API to increase the performance in their parts. different subject matters coated within the ebook are integrating Oracle Portal's services with these of legacy functions; administering accomplished internet functions utilizing integrated administration and function tracking features; and growing, integrating, and customizing portlets. Plus, Oracle9iAS Portal Bible contains a CD with all resource code from the booklet in addition to an entire pattern Oracle database.

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1, in order for a division to exist it must be part of a company. Additionally, a company cannot be removed if it has an existing division. What referential integrity does is verify that these conditions exist whenever changes are attempted to any of these tables. If a violation occurs an error will be returned. 2 Commercial normalization techniques sible to cascade or pass changes down through the hierarchy. In other words, when cascade deleting a company all divisions, departments, and employees for that company will be removed from the database, as well as the company itself.

The notification part knows what to send, and where. For example, a user purchases a book online at the Amazon website. What happens? Transactions are placed into multiple different types of databases: stock inventory databases shipping detail databases payment processing such as credit cards or a provider like Paypal data warehouse archives accounting databases The different targets for data messages are really dependent on the size of the online operation. The larger the retailer, the more distributed their architecture becomes.

Context: Various tricks to speed up data access based on the context of data or application function. Denormalization using unusual database objects: Creation of special types of database objects used to cluster, pre-sort, and pre-construct data. These specialized objects help to avoid excessive amounts of complex repetitive SQL. The reason for removal or degradation of normalization is for the purpose of improving performance. As already stated, it is very important to note that removal of normalization granularity is usually a necessity in data warehousing, and sometimes even smaller scale reporting environments.

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