New Larousse Encyclopedia Of Mythology by Felix Guirand, Richard Aldington, Delano Ames, Robert Graves PDF

By Felix Guirand, Richard Aldington, Delano Ames, Robert Graves

Right here, in all their ask yourself and elegance, are the Mythologies of Mankind.. from pre-biblical Egypt and pre-Homeric Greece to the farthest researches of Africa, the Orient, the Pacific and the Americas.. all collected into one colossal quantity of extraordinary scope and sweetness, and illustrated with an incomparable scope and wonder, and illustrated with an incomparable assemblage of actual work, sculpture, symbols, idols, ritual and sacrificial items, many infrequently obvious by means of sleek Western eyes.

This enormous paintings is the 1st whole encyclopedia of global anthology. initially released in France via the well-known condo of Larousse, it comprises in fact all of the well-loved myths of Classical Antiquity. yet greater than part the booklet is dedicated to the unusual and strange mythologies of civilizations...from Peru to Persia, from Tahiti to Togoland.

Nearly six hundred Illustrations.

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There are several prescriptions for this that have been discovered. One of these involved the use of an animal liver. To this day extracts of liver are used to treat this and now modern doctors have also discovered its effectiveness in treating certain forms of cataracts. It is probably that many of the treatments used by the Ancient Kemetic doctors are less than appealing to those of us in the modern era. Some however, if looked in their proper context could be considered to be quite astute. Ancient Kemetic medicine was acknowledged by both Hippocrates and Galan as having contributed in large part to their own information and knowledge.

Cambridge History of Africa. vol. 1. Fage, J. D and Oliver Rolland. Cambridge University Press: London, 1982. Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa. Mostyn, Trevor. Cambridge University Press: New York. Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilizations. Cotterel, Arthur. Rainbird: 1980. Metz, Hellen Chapin. " Library of Congress: 5th ed. 1991. The Healing Arts of the Ancient World Cure for Headache: This is a remedy which is most celebrated. Found in the Ebers Papyrus; 250: ”A remedy for suffering (meret) in (half) the head(Ges-tep).

Once inside the chamber, you will find the Pyramid Texts that were intended to help the pharaoh's soul in the afterworld. They were to help the soul find Re, the sun god. The Persian Shafts The Persian Shafts are found south of the Pyramid of Unas. A spiral staircase is used to reach the tombs. It descends about eighty feet to the bottom. The tombs belong to the high officials in the two centuries of Persian occupation and rule. The tombs are linked together by underground passageways. One tomb belonging to Psam-tik, a Chief Physician, has hieroglyphs taken from the Pyramid Texts.

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