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By Marc Delisle

This e-book is an improve from the former model that lined phpMyAdmin model 2.8. model 2.10 brought a brand new GUI for kin, referred to as clothier, and model 2.11 provides help for growing perspectives from question effects, manages triggers, tactics and features and has a stronger interface for servers dealing with huge variety of databases/tables. no matter if you're an skilled developer, process administrator, net dressmaker or new to MySQL, phpMyAdmin is a must have software for someone who must deal with MySQL databases and tables. This publication is a must-read for each severe phpMyAdmin consumer who want to use this awesome program to its complete strength.

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1, a file name containing "all-languages" (without the "utf-8-only" mention) that contains all character sets for all languages would be the best choice. If we are using a server supporting only PHP3, the latest stable version of phpMyAdmin is not a good choice to download. 7pl1, which is the latest version that supports PHP3. php3 in its name. These older files are available by following the get older versions link on the same Downloads section. php files. 7z. Download a file with an extension for which you have the corresponding extractor.

If this setting is empty (as it is by default), the true web server's host name appears in the title. We can put another string here, like 'my Web server', and this will be shown instead of the true host name. Seeing the web server's host name can come in handy when we have many phpMyAdmin windows open, thus being connected to more than one web server. Of course, each phpMyAdmin window can itself give access to many MySQL servers. General Icon Configuration When various warning, error, or information messages are displayed, they can be accompanied by an icon, if $cfg['ErrorIconic'] is set to TRUE.

Php files, depending on the themes used. We may even have to copy our custom themes subdirectories if we added our own themes to the structure. Summary In this chapter, we took a look at the common reasons for installing phpMyAdmin, the steps for downloading it from the main site, basic configuration, and uploading it to our web server. We learned how to use a single copy of phpMyAdmin to manage multiple servers, and also the usage of authentication types to fulfill the needs of a users' group while protecting authentication credentials.

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