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By Gaurav Vaish

Your consultant to the area and know-how of NoSQL.


• First hand, certain information regarding NoSQL technology;
• study the variations among NoSQL and RDBMS and the place each one is useful;
• comprehend many of the information types for NoSQL;
• examine and distinction a few of the renowned NoSQL databases at the market;
• imagine outdoors the field; learn how to layout, build, and enforce utilizing NoSQL.

In Detail

Relational databases were used for many years, and within the previous few years NoSQL has been a growing to be selection for large-scale internet functions. Non-relational databases give you the scale and pace that you could be want to your program. to modify you want to comprehend the choices to be had, the benefits and downsides, and situations which it's fitted to the main and the place it's going to be kept away from in any respect costs.

Getting began with NoSQL is a from-the-ground up advisor that takes you from the first actual steps to a real-world NoSQL program. It will give you a step by step method of layout and enforce a NoSQL program that can assist you clarify judgements on database offerings and database version offerings. The publication is fitted to a developer, an architect, in addition to a CTO.

This booklet is a complete consultant to operating with NoSQL. you are going to discover ways to make key judgements, and to layout and enforce NoSQL functions. you are going to know about NoSQL jargon, information types, and databases out there. The case reports and comparisons provided may help you to determine on even if to take advantage of NoSQL, and if that is so which version and product to use.

This ebook is an integral source that you can have on your library. you'll examine every thing you must find out about knowing and dealing with NoSQL and the way to enforce an software with the right kind NoSQL for you.

What you'll research from this book

• become aware of what NoSQL is and what it really is not;
• grasp the jargon and vocabulary round NoSQL;
• comprehend the professionals and cons of NoSQL;
• research the place to enforce NoSQL and the place now not to;
• comprehend the diversities among a number of NoSQL facts models;
• discover benefits and obstacles of well known NoSQL databases;
• understand the diversities among the NoSQL databases available;
• the right way to write code particular to information types and NoSQL databases;
• become aware of the right kind mind set for designing entities with NoSQL.


As with all Packt books this advisor will use useful examples to impart details to the reader.

Who this ebook is written for

Getting all started with NoSQL is a brilliant source for somebody beginning with NoSQL and an crucial advisor for expertise selection makers.

It is thought that you've a history in RDBMS modeling and SQL and feature had publicity to one of the programming languages – Java or JavaScript.

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Example text

Specifically, you can use the nc command to issue additional four-letter commands. This type of access to ZooKeeper might be useful when you’re investigating problems with the servers or just checking that all is okay. For this setup, the configuration file lists the main port on each server as 2181. To access the configuration details for server hc1r1m2, therefore, you use the nc command to issue a conf command. Press Enter after both the nc command line and the conf command on the following line: [[email protected] ~]$ nc conf hc1r1m2 2181 clientPort=2181 dataDir=/var/lib/zookeeper/version-2 dataLogDir=/var/lib/zookeeper/version-2 tickTime=2000 maxClientCnxns=50 minSessionTimeout=4000 maxSessionTimeout=40000 serverId=2 initLimit=10 syncLimit=5 electionAlg=3 electionPort=61050 quorumPort=60050 peerType=0 35 CHAPTER 2 N STORING AND CONFIGURING DATA WITH HADOOP, YARN, AND ZOOKEEPER This has outputted the configuration of the ZooKeeper server on hc1r1m2.

To list the actual data, you use: [[email protected] ~]$ head -20 /tmp/hadoop/part-r-00000 ! 1 " 22 "''T 1 "'-1 "'A 1 "'After 1 "'Although 1 "'Among 2 "'And 2 "'Another 1 "'As 2 "'At 1 "'Aussi 1 "'Be 2 "'Being 1 "'But 1 "'But,' 1 48 CHAPTER 2 N STORING AND CONFIGURING DATA WITH HADOOP, YARN, AND ZOOKEEPER "'But--still--monsieur----' 1 "'Catherine, 1 "'Comb 1 Again, V2 provides a sorted list of words with their counts. The successful test proves that the installed system, both HDFS and Map Reduce, works.

40 CHAPTER 2 N STORING AND CONFIGURING DATA WITH HADOOP, YARN, AND ZOOKEEPER Use the ls command to view the configuration files that need to be altered: [[email protected] [[email protected] -rw-r--r--. -rw-r--r--. -rw-r--r--. -rw-r--r--. xml on each node, as well. dir on the data node. dir /var/lib/hadoop-hdfs/cache/hdfs/dfs/name Can be a comma separated list of values 41 CHAPTER 2 N STORING AND CONFIGURING DATA WITH HADOOP, YARN, AND ZOOKEEPER On each node, make sure that the directories used in the configuration files exist: [[email protected] conf]# mkdir -p /var/lib/hadoop-hdfs/cache/hdfs/dfs/name Next, set the ownership of these directories: [[email protected] conf]# chown -R hdfs:hdfs /var/lib/hadoop-hdfs/cache/hdfs/dfs/name [[email protected] conf]# chmod 700 /var/lib/hadoop-hdfs/cache/hdfs/dfs/name The preceding commands create the name directory, change the ownership to the hdfs user, and set its permissions.

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