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Mr Hyde has a daunting, grotesque personality. Why, then, is the sincere Dr Jekyll such reliable pals with him? Mr Utterson attempts to determine the key energy Mr Hyde has over Dr Jekyll yet then Sir Danvers Carew is murdered and Mr Hyde disappears - or does he? As Mr Utterson attempts to discover the solutions to those questions, he learns the poor mystery of Dr Jekyll's harmful experiments.

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D Dr Jekyll puts the salt chemical and liquid into a glass and mixes them together. He drinks it. There is no pain. He feels older, but happier, and his body grows bigger. e On a September morning, Dr Jekyll is in Hyde Park when he changes into Hyde. He goes to a hotel and writes two letters to Dr Lanyon, and to Mr Utterson. 12 Now you know the full story. Answer these questions. a Why can't Poole and Utterson find Dr Jekyll after they find Hyde's body in the room above the workroom? b Can you explain the change in Dr Jekyll's will between Chapter 4 and Chapter 10?

E Why doesn't Dr Lanyon see Henry Jekyll very often now? 4 How does Mr Utterson feel about: a Mr Enfield? b Dr Jekyll? c Mr Hyde? 51 Chapters 5-9 Before you read 5 Will Dr Jekyll die? Will Mr Hyde get his money and his house? Will Mr Hyde murder somebody? What do you think? 6 Find these words in your dictionary. Complete the sentences with forms of the words. clerk client experiment God inspector mad a Scientists do b Lawyers have c are assistants in offices. d Police solve crimes. e If you are you are not well.

After you read 11 Correct the mistakes in these sentences. a Mr Hyde writes a note to Maw and Company, asking them to send him some medicine. b Utterson sends Poole to guard the door that opens into the narrow street. Then he unlocks the room above the workroom with Dr Jekyll's key. c Mr Utterson goes to Dr Jekyll's room above the workroom. He opens the cupboard with the letter "D" on the left, and pulls open the fourth drawer from the top. Inside there are some chemicals, a bottle and a chequebook.

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