Cate McCoy's Certified Lotus Professional: Application Development Study PDF

By Cate McCoy

With greater than 20 million put in seats of Lotus Notes around the world, the call for for qualified Notes software builders is booming. This publication offers you all of the details you have to to move the 3 checks required for the appliance improvement music within the qualified Lotus expert application for unlock five of Notes and Domino. The content material maps on to Lotus' examination skills. hard evaluation questions, either within the ebook and in a sophisticated CD checking out engine, offers you the sting you must be successful.

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Then, the length is checked with @Length and is compared to a number. The comparison operator for “less than” is <, and you need to check that the length is fewer than four characters since one, two, and three characters are all allowed. See Chapter 4 for more information. 13. D. Parallel distribution distributes all messages at the same time to all the participants in a workflow process. See Chapter 8 for more information. 14. C. To compare today’s date with a field on a form, functions like @Now and @Today will work.

C. You cannot delete documents based on the form. D. You can create and edit documents based on the form. com Assessment Test xliii 41. You’ve placed a $PublicAccess field on a form, given it a value of “1,” and granted Reader access to the default entry in your database’s ACL. You’ve also enabled the privilege to write public documents for the default entry. What effect does the $PublicAccess field have on documents created with the form? A. The documents will be able to be read by users with No Access.

26. C. The Design Refresh task automatically pushes programming updates from a template to a database when both are located on a server. Otherwise, the changes have to be manually pulled into the production database using the File Database Refresh Design menu options. While it might have been tempting to suspect that templates need NTF extensions and production databases need NSF extensions, this is more of a convention than a hard-and-fast rule. See Chapter 1 for more information. 27. C. Fields that derive their values from Computed For Display value types do not have a value stored in the database.

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